Elon's version of free speech doesn't have to be yours! Control what you see on Twitter

Don't let bias algorithms dictate what's in your timeline!With the help of curated wordlists, you can block entire trends or topics at the click of a button! Instead of one by one in Twitter's user settings.

Hundreds of carefully curated lists

Topics and trends evolve over time. New words, people or things become part of a topic or a trend, and old ones fall out of use or popularity. This is especially true for topics and trends related to social media, which can change very rapidly. blahdiblahblah


- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- To the moon
... 185 more

US Politics

- Trump
- Biden
- Ballot
- Republican party
- Democratic party
... 221 more

Elon Musk

- Elon Musk
- Tesla
- Twitter
- SpaceX
- Solarcity
... 82 more


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Select the topics or trends you want to mute!

Take control

Tame the beast

Are you sick of crypto bros peddling the newest pyramid scheme? MUTE THEM!Are you tired of the endless political debates? MUTE THEM!Venture Capitalists bragging about how down to earth they are? MUTE THEM!

Dial it down

Be happy again!

Start to realise how much more peaceful it is when the noise has been drowned out. Realizing you are only reading what you actually want to and not what is forced upon you!

FREE forever

Mute 1 topic for free


We strongly advise to choose the "cryptocurrency" wordlist ;)

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Mute unlimited topics


Half the price of that st*pid blue checkmark & twice the benefits!

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